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Thiel 2026: Launching the Leaders the World Needs Now

Thiel 2026: Launching the Leaders the World Needs Now

The strategic plan for Thiel College (2021-2026)

The Thiel 2026 plan originated in envisioning sessions spearheaded by Board of Trustees leadership. These conversations engaged Trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners. Comprising more than 80 college stakeholders, these groups considered social and economic trends affecting higher education and their impact on Thiel. Appreciating the larger context in which Thiel operates, the envisioning process looked ahead, imagining how the institution would be transformed as it navigates both challenges and opportunities.

The College’s new strategic plan, Thiel 2026: Launching the Leaders the World Needs Now, will guide our work over the next five years (2021-2026). Projecting a spirit of confidence and innovation, the Thiel 2026 plan envisions a bold and dynamic Thiel, engaging undergraduate and graduate students in distinctive educational experiences in a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment. Increased partnerships and community outreach will expand opportunities for students, deepening Thiel’s commitment to service as an asset for Greenville and our region. Developing creative leaders with influence on their careers, lives and the larger world, Thiel will gain recognition as an institution of distinctive strength.

The strategic goals are derived from the College’s mission and vision and serve the specific purpose of developing creative leaders who can innovate in a diverse world. These interdependent goals will foster collaborative endeavors by College stakeholders:

Goal I: Innovation & Leadership

Drive innovation, creativity and leadership development to gain a competitive edge.

  1. Expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff to initiate innovation and develop as creative leaders on campus and in their lives.
  2. Strengthen the College’s student and career development programs, launching graduates ready to innovate and lead in a competitive and changing world.
  3. Implement The Tomcat Way for student success, and develop students as reflective, innovative leaders.
  4. Expand the adoption and use of technology to enhance learning, administrative and operational innovation, and market competitiveness.
  5. Enhance Thiel’s market competitiveness by foregrounding innovation, creativity, and leadership development in the College’s brand messaging.

Goal 2: Dynamic & Bold

Establish a dynamic and bold Thiel, fostering leadership in a richly diverse, inclusive and equitable environment.

  1. Attract and retain motivated undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds who are enthusiastically engaged in curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities.
  2. Create a campus community that is rich in diversity, equitable, inclusive, respectful and intentional in bridging differences.
  3. Offer innovative undergraduate and graduate programs that advance the College’s mission, meet current market demand and prepare students for careers of the future.
  4. Create a vibrant campus environment that increases the engagement of all students and provides opportunities for leadership development.
  5. Develop robust athletic, co-curricular, and wellness programs that enhance the student experience, strengthen community relations and school pride, and attract talented students to Thiel.

Goal 3: Reach & Impact

Expand Thiel’s reach and impact, contributing to Greenville’s and the broader region’s social, economic and educational development.

  1. Strengthen and develop new partnerships and collaborations with businesses, governmental and community organizations, and increases hared programming, internships, service-learning, and community-based research.
  2. Offer new programs to meet regional needs for continuing education, career development, and lifelong learning.
  3. Become a dynamic venue for campus and community events, competitions and the performing arts, hosting a rich array of programs to attract people to campus.
  4. Develop Thiel’s alumni network to extend the College’s reach, promote alumni successes and increase alumni engagement.
  5. Foreground Thiel’s commitment to outreach and regional development as a distinctive feature of the College’s brand.

Goal 4: Resources & Investment

Strengthen the College’s resources, making investments to secure the future.

  1. Attract, develop, and retain innovative and diverse faculty and staff committed to being active participants engaged in the broader campus community.
  2. Make strategic and sustainable investments in academic, athletic/wellness, and residential facilities to support the College’s programs, beautify the campus, enhance the student experience and attract new students in a competitive market.
  3. Manage the College’s resources, programs, and operations to produce a positive annual change in net assets.
  4. Make investments in programs and facilities to increase auxiliary income.
  5. Launch a successful comprehensive campaign to inspire philanthropic investments in the College.

The strategic plan is a living document. It will guide the College over the next five years, evolving as new opportunities and challenges arise. The annual planning process will identify priority actions, and the College’s financial investments, budgets and fundraising efforts will reflect those priorities and the broader goals of the strategic plan. The unfolding of the plan and the monitoring of its objectives will be accomplished within the College’s shared governance framework, with the Board, faculty and staff actively engaged in the oversight and advancement of the College.



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