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Behavioral Biology

Behavioral biology involves a study of interaction between organisms and their environment, a very pervasive part of biology and its applications. Biology is fundamental to understanding some of the phenomena in the social sciences, especially those considered in psychology and sociology.

The minor in behavioral biology establishes a concentration of biology courses that provide keys to understanding behavior in all animals, including that of human beings. These courses would provide a biological perspective of behavior to complement a social science perspective. It would be of special interest to students of social sciences and humanities.

  • BIO 145 Foundations of Biology
  • BIO 272 Animal Behavior
  • Three of:
    • BIO 118 Human Evolution
    • BIO 322 Genetics
    • BIO 352 Animal Physiology
    • BIO 392 General Ecology

All courses for any minor in biology must be passed with a grade of C minus or better.