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Film Studies

The film studies minor gives students an interdisciplinary view of the film industry by looking at the history of film, the basics of filmmaking, and how films help define our society.

Students take three required basic film courses while the remaining courses are selected from a diverse offering film of courses taught within various academic departments. The film studies minor must successfully complete a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Minor Requirements

  • COMM 150 Introduction to Film (3 CH)
  • COMM 303 Field Production & Editing (3 CH)
  • COMM 335 Film in American Culture (3 CH)

The student is also required to select three courses from the following list. At least two of the courses must be offered outside of the communication department. Film courses not listed below can be approved subject to department approval.

  • ART 240 Intro to Graphic Design (3 CH)
  • COMM 255 Dissecting Disney (3 CH)
  • COMM 275 Special Topics: Representation in Film (3 CH)
  • COMM 282 Writing for Mass Media (3 CH)
  • COMM 281 Media Literacy (3 CH)
  • COMM 415 Advanced Film Production (3 CH)
  • HIST 297 Selected Topics in History and Film (3 CH)
  • REL 260 Religion, Science Fiction and Popular Culture (3 CH)
  • REL 413 Religion and Film (3 CH)
  • ENG 286 Creative Writing: Drama (3 CH)
  • ENG 495 Special Topics: Scriptwriting (3 CH)
  • CJS 431 Selected Studies: Crime & Film (3 CH)
  • SOC 431 Selected Studies: The Sociology of Film and Literature (3 CH)
  • SOC 431 Selected Studies: A Touch of Evil: The Sociology of Film Noir (3 CH)
  • SOC 431 Singin’ in the Rain: The Sociology of Hollywood Musicals (3 CH)
  • SOC 431 Gender and Film (3 CH)