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With a bachelor’s degree in education from Thiel College, students graduate well prepared to begin a teaching career. That’s because the Thiel College education program emphasizes early exposure to all facets of classroom instruction, resulting in excellent graduate outcomes!

Majors and Specializations

No matter what subject area or grade level you wish to teach, Thiel College provides each student with the experience needed to enter their desired type of career in education. Students have the option to major in early childhood/special education or secondary education, with specializations in biology, chemistry, English, history, math and physics. Whether you wish to pursue a career in elementary, middle, or high school, Thiel College prepares students to teach whichever K-12 level they choose.

Top-notch Professors

Our professors are trained, certified, and have many years of experience as teachers, principals and administrators. Thanks to their instruction, our students have had an 86% summary pass rate on state-required tests in the past three years.

Thiel’s education curriculum is based on highly regarded research about effective teaching, and our faculty works together to help students sequence through their courses and integrate their learning to produce highly qualified, highly prepared and highly employable teachers. Our professors are always staying up-to-date on emerging trends and philosophies. What’s more, classes are designed to get students interacting with each other and experiencing what teaching techniques do and don’t work for different situations. In this way, students apply teaching strategies to their own classrooms.

Classroom Experience

Each teacher candidate will work within a preschool, elementary, special education, or secondary classroom in one of the local school districts or preschool partners. Before student teaching, education majors are required to complete at least 190 hours of field experience, which is done through coursework. What’s more, students also have the opportunity to participate in many different internships across the country and abroad.


Before graduating, each education major completes an ePortfolio as well as a binder portfolio. These not only assist students on the job market, but they also help majors reflect on teaching style and philosophy. These portfolios contain biographies, lesson plans, prep documents, classroom environment statements, instructional delivery reports and videos, and the student’s resume and references. Check out some of our alumni’s portfolios.

“The education department faculty were an incredible asset to me during my time at Thiel. They assured me the ability to leave college ready to jump into any classroom and be a successful teacher.” Jacob Marino ’18

By pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education at Thiel College, you’ll gain practical experience with many hours of field experience in a school district where Thiel has personal connections and maintains quality control. Want to learn more? Request more info now!