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Minor Requirements (18 CH)

The English minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours consisting of two required courses (Introduction to Literature, Advanced Composition), one literary survey course (American Literature Survey, British Literature Survey, or World Literature Survey), and three other departmental courses not taken to fulfill the previous requirements. All students pursuing the English minor must earn a C-minus or better in all courses to count toward the minor.

  • Required Minor Courses - 6 CH
  • Literary Survey Course - 3 CH
  • Electives - 9 CH

Required Minor Courses

ENG 120 Introduction to Literature - 3 CH

ENG 270 Advanced Composition and Research - 3 CH

Literature Survey Courses

ENG 235 American Literature Survey - 3 CH

ENG 215 British Literature Survey - 3 CH

ENG 267 World Literature Survey - 3 CH