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Environmental Safety Management (B.S.)

Major: Environmental Safety Management

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science

Total credit hours: 61 plus internship

Internship/Practicum opportunities: Visit the Career Development Center for internship information.

About Environmental Safety Management

Did you know that Ohio and Pennsylvania are in the nation’s top five states for employment in the growing environmental safety management field*? Thiel College’s Bachelor of Science in Environmental Safety Management (ESM) degree has been designed to prepare students for internships and exciting careers in this growing field.

Your environmental safety management degree is the first step toward a variety of great paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, energy, healthcare and government. Environmental health and safety career opportunities range from occupational health consultants and industrial hygienists to safety managers, specialists and technicians.

Students enrolled in other majors can benefit from the ESM program by earning a minor in environmental safety management.

About the Environmental Safety Management Major

Built on three strong pillars of business administration, environmental science and safety management, Thiel students earning an Environmental Safety Management degree graduate with career-ready background knowledge in multiple fields leading to their success in a professional environment. As a required part of the major, the 12-credit summer internship offers a crucial opportunity to experience the real-world application of safety management and to start building a professional network. 

The title "Environmental Safety Management" distinguishes Thiel's Bachelor of Science program from other academic EHS programs in the region. It also reflects the intent and philosophy that shapes the program’s curriculum.

  • “Environmental” refers to the place where employees work–indoors, outdoors, natural or constructed work areas. 
  • “Safety” encompasses the protection of employees and public from dangers that could injure or cause illness in those environments.
  • “Management” refers to the process of effectively guiding and directing employees to achieve business objectives.

Majoring in Environmental Safety Management prepares students for professional certification, graduate study and fulfilling careers in the environmental health and safety field. Visit our Academic Catalog (2021-2022) for course listings.

Nationally Recognized Program

Thiel’s Environmental Safety Management program has been reviewed and officially approved by both the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) and the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM).

Thiel College students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Safety Management are eligible to apply for the GSP - Graduate Safety Professional (BCSP) and the ASHM - Associate Safety and Health Manager designations. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Thiel College offers scholarships to students for reasons such as academic success, community service or involvement, exemplary leadership and more! The scholarships available to environmental safety management majors are:

  • Marion G. Resch Science Scholarship at Thiel College
  • Thomas J. Brazelton Memorial Geology Award
  • The Dr. Judith A Crissman '64 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Maenpa Family Biotechnology Endowed Scholarship Fund at Thiel College
  • Elizabeth McElhaney Scholarship
  • Jim Miller Scholarship
  • J. Scott Morrison Endowment for Science and Religion
  • Arthur E. Smith Scholarship Fund
  • TWC Amelia Earhart Scholarship
  • Irene Wintersteen Memorial Science Scholarship
  • ACEC/PA Eric J. Gennuso and LeRoy D. (Bud) Loy, Jr. Scholarship

Scholarships are also available from other sources including:

  • ASSP Foundation (American Society of Safety Professionals)
  • National Safety Council

Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more about the types of aid available to students.

Clubs & Organizations

Joining a student club or organization is an excellent way to meet others on Thiel’s campus and gain leadership experience. Students earning an Environmental Safety Management degree might be interested in the following clubs and student organizations:

  • American Society of Safety Professionals Student Section, NWPA Chapter
  • Environmental Club
  • Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society)

Visit our Campus Life page to see a full list of student clubs and organizations.

Safety Management Careers

The environmental health and safety field encompasses a variety of career paths dedicated to the important work of ensuring the country’s workforce is safe and productive and mitigating industry-created environmental harm. Entry level opportunities for EHS specialists can be found in state and local government, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, truck and rail transportation, waste treatment and disposal, scientific research, energy development, agriculture and education.

Here are a few career opportunities available to graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Safety Management:

  • Work with senior management as a corporate health and safety director – earn a median salary of $126,800.*
  • Health and safety engineers merge the knowledge of systems engineering and health and safety to assure chemicals, machinery, software and all other consumer products will not harm people or property – earn a median salary of $84,600.*
  • Environmental health and safety specialist – earn a median salary of $77,946.*
  • OSHA inspectors are hired through the U.S. Department of Labor. Career paths include industrial hygienists, safety engineers and safety/occupational health specialists – earn a media salary up to $72,000.*
  • The mean annual base salary for safety professionals is $97,000.**

Entry level opportunities for EHS  specialists can be found in state and local government, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, truck and rail transportation, waste treatment and disposal, scientific research, energy development, agriculture and education.

*Job and salary information from the 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics
**Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP.org)

Learn more about Thiel's Environmental Safety Management Major

Thiel’s Bachelor of Science in Environmental Safety Management degree program explores occupational safety, environmental science and business administration. With the program’s comprehensive education, students can confidently enter a variety of careers in environmental health and safety. 

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