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Gender Studies

Students in the Gender Studies minor are introduced to how one’s gender and sexual identity are formed and how one’s gender or sexuality affects one’s personality, individuality, behavior and opportunities in a given society and around the globe.

After completing the program, students will achieve a more precise understanding of how individuals in diverse cultures learn, negotiate, and accept or resist their gender roles, as well as the importance of gender both historically and in contemporary life.

Additionally, students graduating from the program will be more marketable to graduate schools and more prepared for life in the world of business, science, or academia, where diversity is a part of everyday life. The program includes courses in the fields of communications, criminal justice, English, history, political science, religion, and sociology, as well as two introductory courses in gender theory and social theory.

The minor requires six courses (18 CH) and must be completed with a grade of C minus or higher.

  • INDS 202 Introduction to Gender Studies: Gender, Culture and Sexuality

Five additional courses representing at least two academic departments outside the student's major area of study. Available courses that satisfy the minor requirement include:

  • COMM 265 Communication and Gender
  • ENG 385 Women in Literature
  • HIST 241 European Women’s History
  • HIST 450 Gender and Sexuality in 19th C. Europe
  • INDS 432 Special Topics in Gender Studies
  • POSC 225 Gender and Politics
  • PSY 450 Special Topics: Sex in the 21st Century
  • REL 220 Women in the Jewish and Christian Traditions
  • REL 413 Selected Topics: Sex, Sexuality, and Religion
  • SEMS 400 7 Deadly Sins and Global Issues
  • SEMS 400 LGBTQ Cultures and Issues Worldwide
  • SOC 261 American Women’s Experience: A Multicultural Perspective
  • SOC 271 Sociology of Sport
  • SOC 401 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC 421 Gender and Society
  • SOC 431 Disney and Gender