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The neuroscience program at Thiel provides students that are interested in the nervous system the opportunity to explore the discipline at various levels. From analyzing molecules to exploring societal interaction, our wide range of studies fit multiple neuroscientific interests. We are able to offer a range of focus areas because faculty members from multiple departments across the college contribute to the neuroscience curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach provides students with a solid foundational knowledge of neuroscience, while allowing them the flexibility to pursue electives emphasizing their specific interests and career aspirations.

“Although it’s a smaller program, there are innumerable academic and career oriented opportunities. The multi-disciplinary nature of the program offers a wide variety of classes, provides many incredible professors, and creates an environment that allows its students to find their passion.” Shayla Percy ’15

Neuroscience Major & Courses

The neuroscience major awards students with bachelor’s of arts and bachelor’s of science degrees. Students also have the option to minor in neuroscience. With courses such as The College Brain and The Science of Cooking, our neuroscience classes are far from boring. Even the more technically named courses, such as Neuropsychopharmacology, are far from dull. In our department, you can learn about how sleep and love affect the brain, how taste and hunger work, the neuroscience behind drug addiction, how memory functions and so much more!

Clubs and Organizations

Check out our Facebook page to see all the fun we have in the neuroscience department! From fundraising events to on-campus lectures from top researchers, there are many social opportunities outside of the classroom. Our neuroscience students regularly hold awareness events on-campus to educate the community on various brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s.

Internships, study abroad and research opportunities

Our students have studied abroad in places such as England and Germany, while others have taken advantage of research programs in various parts of the United States. For example, students have held summer internships here in Pennsylvania, while others have traveled to New England to study in Maine. We assist our students in applying for dozens of neuroscience internships and research opportunities across the country so that each student can find an opportunity that fits their unique interests.

Thiel neuroscience majors go on to do big things!

Did you know that our neuroscience program placed 100% of 2016 graduates in science-related fields? Not only that, but nearly half of our graduates continue on to graduate school! Neuroscience majors go on to become chiropractors, pharmacists, physical therapists, professors, teachers, lab technicians, and so much more! Our Health Professions Institute prepares students for careers in healthcare, while our Career Development Center at Thiel assists students in exploring a variety of career options.

Our neuroscience program teaches students the skills that are essential to exceed in their careers. Students develop an interdisciplinary knowledge base in neuroscience, refine their communication skills, and go on to actively contribute to their own professional development. Sound exciting? Learn more now!