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Shayla Percy ’15
Graduate Student, Medical College of Wisconsin

“As a transfer student from a large state school, the Neuroscience program at Thiel College allowed me a welcome change in perspective. Although it’s a smaller program, there are innumerable academic and career oriented opportunities. The multi-disciplinary nature of the program offers a wide variety of classes, provides many incredible professors, and creates an environment that allows its students to find their passion.”

"During my time at Thiel, I had the opportunity to develop and run an experimental that ultimately led me to an international conference (read more). In addition to this incredible opportunity, I participated in a semester long internship at the Greenville Neuromodulation Center, where I greatly supplemented my classroom education with real-world experiences. Ultimately, the support an aforementioned experiences culminated in my acceptance to the Medical College of Wisconsin, where I will be spending the next four years building upon the foundation I laid at Thiel College."

Dr. Luke Johnson ’11
Doctor of Chiropractic – Advantage Chiropractic Center, Beaver, Pa.

“My four years spent at Thiel College in the Neuroscience program were definitely challenging, but very beneficial for my future endeavors. The curriculum for this program was extensive, but truly prepared me for graduate school in the long haul.”

"The faculty, staff, and professors (especially Dr. Griffin) were very helpful and encouraging in their respective fields. I completed my internship at the local Greenville Neuromodulation Center, and had a wonderful experience working with Tim Williams. After my four years at Thiel, I attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. Here I spent 10 semesters working extensively with the anatomy of the body and understanding how the body functions. I used the Neuroscience program as a stepping stone to my future profession, and I’m proud to call myself a “Doctor of Chiropractic. P.S. Playing a sport and being a Neuroscience major was by far the best decision I’ve made, and it’s definitely do-able!"

Stephanie Sutliff ’11, MSc
Completing Ph.D. at Université Laval in Québec City

“I had a very challenging and exciting four years at Thiel. I took a variety of neuroscience courses (neuropsychopharmacology was my all-time favorite ... and downright coolest course!), mixed with psychology, as well as core Liberal Arts courses. [This] mixture allowed me to gain a basic scientific knowledge, while opening my mind to new ideas and cultures ... Dr. Jennifer Griffin in the psychology department was my mentor, role model and savior; I would not be where I am or the person I am today without her guidance.”

"Through the many resources at Thiel, I was able to land an external internship at a laboratory in Texas during my junior year, complete an independent research project within Greenville during my senior year, and eventually move on to my master's program in Cognitive Neuropsychology where I studied for two years in Amsterdam. Currently, I am completing my PhD in Neurobiology at Université Laval in Québec City, where I am working primarily in social cognition in schizophrenia using fMRI."

Michelle Blose ’12
Graduate Student at Nova Southeastern University, Florida

“My experience with the neuroscience program at Thiel was characterized by rigorous coursework along with a profound and meaningful collaboration among students and professors. Additionally, the program provided me with remarkable faculty support and numerous opportunities to be an active member in the local community (e.g., internships, volunteer work). The professors in this department cared about my education as well as my well-being and spent extra time to assist with graduate school applications and research.”

"Because of this program, I was able to grow as a researcher and understand the importance of conducting research to further society's knowledge of the brain. I can say, with confidence, that my skills have been honed, my perspectives have been broadened, and my education has been enhanced because of the Neuroscience program at Thiel College."


Although many Neuroscience majors are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or attending graduate school, there are many other career options available.

Some of these paths require additional training beyond the Bachelor’s (BS/BA) degree, while others have entry level positions available after you graduate. The list below includes a sample of some of the careers available to neuroscience students.

Careers Requiring an Advanced Degree

Doctoral level careers

Master's Level Careers

Many careers in neuroscience can be obtained through a master's-level education. Some examples of careers for people with a master's degree include:

Bachelor's Level Careers

Students who do not intend to continue their education through graduate or professional school should take every opportunity to add practical experience that will enhance the likelihood that they will get the job the desire after graduation.

In these cases, we strongly recommend that you talk with your academic adviser and work with the Career Development Center staff to arrange internships, volunteer opportunities, develop independent research projects, and participate in mock-interviews. Opportunities that are specifically relevant to neuroscience majors will be posted on the Neuroscience department website. This list will be updated as such opportunities become available and students are encouraged to check it regularly.

Examples of careers for people with a BS in neuroscience include:

*May require additional training or certification

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