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Minor: Theatre

Total credit hours: 20

About the program

The Thiel College theatre minor consists of a balance between classes in history, theory and performance. Students will be acquainted with the basic elements of theater through study and performance of musical and theatrical literature of various historical periods.

Students participating in the Performing Arts will be prepared for graduate school or employment in a wide range of fields because of Thiel's emphasis on the liberal arts.

Minor Features

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the various aspects of theatre production.
  2. Articulate the development of performance traditions from ancient to modern times.
  3. Employ effective techniques in design, management or performance.
  4. Be conversant in dramatic texts and theories from diverse periods and cultures.
  5. Analyze social, cultural and political contexts as in dramatic literature and performance practices.

Scholarship Opportunities

Thiel College offers scholarships to students for reasons such as academic success, community service or involvement, exemplary leadership and more! The scholarships available to theatre minors are:

  • Suzanne Fel De Bladis Bowen Memorial Award
  • Donald P. Fischer Memorial Drama Award
  • H.H.S.D.R. Architects/Engineers Scholarship
  • Ted S. Hoagland ’79 Scholarship

Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more about the types of aid available to students.

Clubs & Organizations

It's easy to get involved on campus! Joining a student club or organization is an excellent way to meet others and gain leadership experience. A theatre minor might be interested in the following clubs and orgs:

  • The Thiel Players
  • The Thiel Choir
  • Chamber Singers
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Pi Nu Epsilon (National Performing Arts Honorary)
  • TC Soldiers for God

Visit our Campus Life page to see a full list of student clubs and organizations.

Alumni & Careers

Thiel College alumni are enriched by their opportunity to participate in theater activities! Experiences in theater encapsulate the greater liberal arts experience at Thiel. Students work together to build and create a performance from the ground up and can look back to their performance backgrounds later in life during work and conference presentations.