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Philosophy majors at Thiel College focus on critical, independent reasoning. Our philosophy curriculum provides a foundation in all the traditional areas of philosophy and is specifically designed to develop your ability to create your own well-developed philosophical position. Students learn how mankind’s greatest and most profound thinkers have answered basic and perennial questions about human life, mortality, our knowledge of the world, the existence of God, the relation between mind and body and the conditions of a just society.


Thiel offers two minors in the Philosophy Department: philosophy and ethics. Both minors consist of 18-credit hours. For philosophy minors, there are six required classes, including introduction to philosophy, critical thinking and ethics. Students that minor in ethics must take ethics and advanced ethical theory. For the remaining four required courses in the minor, students take classes such as communication ethics, medical ethics and environmental ethics.


Philosophy students attend seminars, examine human actions, analyze major concepts of thought and study key philosophical movements in history. Majors must complete 30 credit hours of philosophy courses, which are taught by our dedicated professors in a supportive and challenging atmosphere. Many courses spanning a wide range of philosophical topics are available, including philosophy of art, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language. These courses help students learn the skills of extracting the principal points from complex material, evaluate the soundness of the arguments involved and justify their position on any given topic.

Career Opportunities

Those that graduate from Thiel with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy have a wide range of career possibilities. Graduates have gone on to become professors, lawyers and business owners. The skills and knowledge learned in our program have also helped students in their careers as clerics and accountants!

Philosophy is also one of the most popular majors for students who want to go on to law school. Many students also further their education in graduate school or by taking certificate programs. To find out what philosophy major alumni have gone on to do with their Thiel education, visit our alumni & careers page and visit our Facebook page to see what current philosophy students are up to!

Thiel College’s philosophy program teaches students to think philosophically about a variety of topics. Interested in learning more about the major? Request more information today!