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The interdisciplinary ethics minor prepares students for ethical leadership and responsibility in a wide variety of professional settings. The expanding field of applied ethics affords opportunities for entry-level employment and also rewards advanced graduate work (in law, medicine and business, as well as politics and government).

This series of courses explores the interdisciplinary nature of ethics while strengthening critical thinking and analytic writing. It ensures a theoretical understanding of ethics along with case studies and internship experience resolving concrete ethical dilemmas. A commitment to strengthening these transferrable skills provides leverage and qualitative capital in the pursuit of professional positions. There is a growing need for expertise in applied ethics, in both the public and private arena. Many corporations engage in workplace ethics training and therefore prize applicants who can assist in conflict resolution or who can analyze various conflicts of interest. Ethics boards exist in most mid-sized and larger medical institutions. While the quantity of full-time ethics officers is growing, many organizations employ ethics compliance officers who also fulfill other duties. This minor positions our students for such positions.

The minor in ethics must pass both of the following courses with a C minus or better:

  • PHIL 267 Ethics
  • PHIL 467 Advanced Ethical Theory

The student must also pass four courses from the following. At least two of these must be outside the philosophy department, or cross-listed:

  • PHIL 387 Medical Ethics
  • PHIL 297 Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 277/BADM 364 Business Ethics
  • CJS 431 Ethical/Philosophical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • COMM 345 Communication Ethics
  • REL 200 Contemporary Ethics