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At Thiel, we offer two bachelor’s programs in the study of religion: religion and theology & youth ministry. Religion classes at Thiel develop students’ abilities to understand complex issues and assess alternative explanations by engaging profound ideas and great minds from the past and present. Our professors are active scholars and with our small class sizes, students can receive personal attention. We also offer minors in religion and in pre-ministry.

When studying religion, you will be challenged to reflect on questions that lie at the foundation of a meaningful life – what is the purpose of human existence? What is the nature of the dying, of sin, of grace? What is the final destiny of the individual? – while studying the answers to those questions by some of the most provocative, profound and influential thinkers in human history. A religion degree prepares students for any career where reading, writing and critical analysis are valued.

Religion Major

In the religion major, students learn about the unity and diversity of the world’s religions and how to interpret sacred texts. The program requires classes such as world religions and interpreting the Jewish and christian scriptures and students may take courses in Hebrew, Greek, psychology of religion and sociology of religion.

Theology & Youth Ministry Major

In the theology & youth ministry major, students study the theoretical foundations of youth ministry and learn practical skills for mentoring youth through courses in religion, psychology and sociology. A theology degree prepares students for careers in teaching, ministry and any profession where reading, writing, critical analysis, as well as leadership and care of people are central.

Join us at Thiel!

At Thiel, you can be part of a community of religious scholars and even join Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society in religious studies and theology. You will learn to understand and explain how people make and find meaning in the world and can participate in a wide variety of religious, political and community organizations.

Thiel College’s Bachelor’s programs in religion boast favorable class sizes and numerous major options that prepare students for many different career options. Interested in learning more about the programs? Request more information today!