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Parish Education (B.A.)

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a major in parish education will:

  • understand and be able to apply the theories and practices of parish education.
  • conceive the reality of “the ultimate” or God in relation to both inherited ideas of the past and the concerns of contemporary society.
  • appreciate the unity and diversity of the pluralistic heritage of the world’s religions; and understand the different approaches of relating Christianity to other world religions.
  • understand various hermeneutical methodologies and be able to apply hermeneutical principles in interpreting Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Major Requirements (28 CH)

Students desiring to prepare for careers in parish education must fulfill the following requirements:

  • REL 120 Interpreting the Jewish and Christian Scriptures
  • REL 150 Introduction to Greek Language Skills
  • REL 382 Foundations of Parish Education
  • And any other courses offered by the Religion Department, except:
    • REL 330 Readings in Religious Studies
    • REL 340 Readings in Theology
  • Certification in elementary education or at least the following courses:
    • EDUC 111 Foundations of American Education
    • EDUC 112 Educational Psychology
    • CIS 111 Word Processing Applications
    • CIS 112 Spreadsheet Applications
    • PSY 240 Child Development
    • PSY 244 Adulthood and Aging
    • SOC 261 American Women’s Experience: A Multicultural Perspective
  • A supervised parish education field experience in a congregation.