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Sociology is the social science that focuses on the behavior of social groups and social organizations in society. Sociologists study a wide range of topics including art, music, film, marriage and family, community, criminology and social movements. Students that pursue a sociology degree at Thiel College receive personal attention from a diverse faculty with a vast array of sociology backgrounds and experiences. They also have the opportunity to take advantage of internships and professional seminars that give them a taste of career options before they graduate.

Majors and Minors

The Department of Sociology offers two degree programs: a B.A. in sociology and a B.A. in criminal justice studies. Many students choose to double major in these programs, which are complementary and share foundational coursework. Students at Thiel can also choose either sociology or criminal justice studies as a minor. Both programs give students a multitude of options after graduation. Courses in sociology will prepare students for employment in the social services, while studying for a criminal justice studies degree will help students understand the criminal justice system and the role of law in the United States.

Informative and Diverse Course Catalog

There’s something for everyone in the Sociology Department, whether you choose to major in sociology or criminal justice studies! Thiel offers an extensive course catalog that includes classes such as juvenile justice studies, disney and gender and popular culture, which explores the effects of pop culture on human perceptions. These classes will help students develop skills in collecting and analyzing data, speaking and writing effectively, and thinking logically and critically.


In addition to meeting other interested students in Thiel’s various sociology classes, there are also plenty of options outside the classroom to become more involved in the program. Thiel students studying sociology and criminal justice studies often use their in-class experience to intern at public service agencies, such as police departments. What’s more, our sociology faculty guide students through study abroad opportunities, internships and independent studies.

Plenty of career opportunities for graduates!

Sociology majors leave Thiel prepared for employment in the social services or graduate study in sociology, social work, or a related field. Meanwhile, criminal justice studies majors graduate prepared for employment in law enforcement or corrections, as well as graduate study in criminal justice, criminology, law or social work. Our alumni have gone on to succeed in many different jobs, including positions as adoption caseworkers and sheriffs!

Both the sociology and criminal justice majors at Thiel help students better understand their field of study and ready them for the workplace or graduate school. Want to find out more about both options? Request more information now!