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Summer Sessions 2022

Summer Sessions 2022

Thiel College’s summer courses offer the same high-quality instruction and academic performance of regular academic year courses, but are smaller, less formal and encourage interaction between students and faculty. Students also have access to all academic and recreational services.

Summer courses are appropriate for Thiel undergraduates, students from other colleges and universities, college-bound high school students or those with a bachelor's degree, looking to delve deeply into an academic topic or earn college credit. Students taking course work to meet graduation requirements should seek approval from their departmental advisor. Independent study is permitted and encouraged.

Thiel College reserves the right to cancel classes with fewer than five students enrolled, unless the instructor offering the course is willing to teach the course.

For more information, traditional students may contact Academic Records at 724-589-2110. High school students may contact Justin Gregorich at 724-589-2757.

Session Options

On Campus:

  • May 9 - 27 (In person - day classes)


Students registering for online courses must have access to a reliable internet connection – DSL or cable is highly recommended.

  • June 4-week: June 6 – July 1
  • July 4-week: July 5 – August 1
  • June & July 8-week: June 6 – August 1

Internships & Cooperative Education Experiences: Variable throughout May 9 – August 19

Credit hour weight and required meeting days/times of internships and cooperative education experiences throughout the summer are variable, dependent on individualized internship agreements coordinated by the Career Development Center.

Register Online!

Student Course Load

Due to the condensed term and an accelerated pace, 8 credit hours is considered to be a full load. A four to six credit hour load is more realistic for many students.

High School Students

High school summer scholars include rising juniors and seniors and graduated seniors. All others are considered on an individual basis. The same policies apply for summer scholars as our regular dual enrollment (DE) program. Summer scholars must complete the DE application and should not register for classes through the Registrar's office, as they are billed at a different rate than traditional students. Visit the DE page to learn about requirements, registration, and discounted pricing.

Fees for Summer Sessions

  • $400 per credit for traditional students for all courses, including internships
  • $199 per credit for high school students (Dual Enrollment)
  • Laboratory and HPED physical activity fees applied where applicable

Statements are sent upon registration and payment is due ten days prior to the first day of class. Students registering after that time will need to pay in the Student Accounts office, located on the first floor of Roth Hall and open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., prior to attending class.

To make a payment online, visit the t•Pay portal on our Student Accounts page. Scroll to the "Student Login" link and enter your Student ID@thiel.edu and your network password.

Withdrawal Policy

Students may drop classes during the first two days of the session with no tuition charge. After this period, students will receive a grade of W on their transcript. A pro-rata refund of tuition will be made through 25% of the session. After that time, there is no refund and no ability to drop or withdraw from a course.

Thiel College assumes a student is enrolled until written notification is sent to Academic Records, indicating a withdrawal from the course. The student is responsible to officially withdraw from a scheduled class. Non-attendance does not constitute a formal withdrawal from a course.

Summer Housing

Housing is available on a first-come, first-serve available space basis. All rooms will have maximum occupancy for the summer and private occupancy may not be available. Summer housing is intended for students registered for summer courses and/or students working on campus during summer months. Requests to stay on-campus for other purposes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  A complimentary lunch will be available to students in summer housing Monday – Friday during the summer sessions.

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Students are required to follow the College’s health and safety policies, protocols, and expectations.
  • Students in summer housing must participate in mandatory surveillance testing for COVID-19 unless they receive exempt status from Campus Health Services.
  • If a student needs to quarantine or isolate as a result of COVID-19, they must do so at an off-campus location and receive approval from Campus Health Services before coming back to campus. No refunds will be issued due to quarantine or isolation in the summer.


  • $100 per week for students enrolled in summer courses
  • $50 per week for student workers (with a minimum of 20 hours per week)

Contact Louis Karellas ’20, MBA '22, Student Life, at 724-589-2853 for a housing assignment.