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Incoming Students

F-1 Immigration Status Information
F-1 Immigration Status Information

An F-1 status holder is a non-immigrant allowed to remain in the U.S. for as long as he or she is a full-time student (enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester) and is making satisfactory progress toward a degree at the school he or she is approved to attend.

The primary responsibility for maintaining current F-1 status is that of each F-1 student, but our office can assist you with any immigration concerns or questions.

Flight/Campus Arrival

Thiel College offers a free van shuttle service from the Pittsburgh International Airport to all newly arriving international students.

Once you book your flight, complete this form to let us know your flight information. Once received, the appropriate shuttle pick-up date and time will be emailed to you.

Please note: We are unable to respond to students using a email address. Instead, please use an alternate email such as Gmail or so that we are able to correspond with you successfully.

When you arrive at the Pittsburgh International Airport, you will meet the shuttle van driver from the college in the baggage claim area. The driver will be holding a Thiel College sign. The shuttle driver will help you to retrieve your baggage and load it onto the shuttle.

The shuttle driver will escort you to your new dorm room when you arrive on campus. He/she will help you carry your luggage and make sure that you get set-up in your room safely. He/she will give you a brief tour of your new dormitory so that you can begin to get settled into your new home.

Flight Delay or Missed Flight

If your flight is cancelled or you miss your flight, you will need to contact Jackie Kytchak immediately via email at, to let her know your new arrival information and to reschedule your shuttle transport to the College.

Please note: Thiel College is located about 1 1/2 hours from the Pittsburgh International Airport, therefore it is essential for you to call or email without delay if your travel plans are altered.

International Student Orientation

Orientation is offered prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters and is mandatory for all new international students. The orientation program is comprehensive and assists students with their cultural adjustment.

During orientation, you will:

  • Register for classes
  • Learn about the Thiel College Conversation Leader and Host Family programs
  • Discover more about the U.S. classroom environment
  • Understand culture shock symptoms and how to adjust to studying abroad
  • Learn about mandatory international student health insurance
  • Receive your mailbox key and learn about U.S. postal services offered on and off campus
  • Meet current international students and make new friends
  • Receive your student laptop
  • Obtain your student identification card
  • Select and purchase textbooks
  • Set up a checking account
  • Shop at a local outlet mall, Grove City Premium Outlet Mall
  • Share a meal with Thiel student leaders