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Break Periods

The College has several break periods, throughout the academic year, where all residence halls and housing are closed. Only students granted approval from the Student Life Office will be allowed to stay on campus during these times. If you would like to stay on campus during one of these times, please contact the Student Life office.

Closing Procedures

For the safety of student property and to prevent damage assessments, all students are required to follow the guidelines below during a break period and at the end of each semester. These are also listed in the Student Handbook (2021-22).

  • Turn heat to low, but not off
  • Clean room(s)
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Remove perishable food from the room
  • Return all dishes and trays to the dining hall
  • Remove all personal property from common areas, such as the laundry room, bathrooms, etc.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances, including refrigerators (exception: apartments, townhouses, and theme houses; all College-provided large appliances may be left plugged in)
  • Take all valuables home, including laptop computers
  • Lock room door and windows and close drapes

The Residence Life staff remains on campus until all residents on the wing or floor have departed for break and then checks all rooms to ensure that residents have not overlooked anything. Students who fail to follow closing procedures will be subject to disciplinary action.


The College assumes no responsibility for damages and/or loss of personal property due to theft, fire, destruction, acts of God, etc., whether such losses occur in your room, storage or public areas.

Students are advised to check with their parents regarding their homeowner's policy. Students are encouraged to purchase renter's insurance; such as National Student Services Inc., which offers affordable theft, fire and accident insurance.

Shuttle Service Availability

During academic breaks, the College offers shuttle services (for a fee) to and from the Pittsburgh Airport and downtown Pittsburgh bus/train station.

For information about making a reservation, please contact Jacquelyn Kytchak in the Office of Student Life (during office hours only M-F) at 724-589-2125 or email