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Match Day 2021

Match Day "Match Madness" is Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021. Match Day is your once-a-year opportunity to ensure that your generous gift reaches its full potential!

The Thiel College community is spending the day at the Dr. Barry ’70 and Carol ’71 Stamm Track & Field Complex, featuring the Coach Jack Leipheimer ’74 Field, and the Col. Charles “Bud” Manes ’58 Track, to walk towards our goal of 550 laps, one for each donor on the way to our ultimate goal of 550 total donors. Join in the madness with us and donate today, we may even unlock some special videos along the way!

How it works: Choose from the list of affinity challenges and click on the "Make a gift" link to donate. Be sure to include the affinity challenge you wish to support in the gift designation/details. Check back throughout the day on Feb. 25 to monitor the progress of your challenge and our total lap and donor goals!

*Numbers listed are not updated live. They will be calculated and updated periodically throughout the day.

Total Donors: 561
Total Funds Raised: $209,250

550 Lap Goal

2,252 Lap Count

How many laps can the Thiel community walk around the track? If we reach our 550 lap goal, we'll unlock a gift of $10,000 from a generous donor! Match Madness is in full swing!

blank unlocked graphic

400 Donor Prize

561 Donor Count

Help us reach 400 total donors to unlock a video of a special Tug O' War contest between various coaches of our Tomcat athletic teams!

550 Donor Goal

561 Donor Count

Join in the madness and help us break our 550 donor goal to release an extremely generous gift of $25,000 from the Arthur Estate!

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$100,000 Goal

$209,250 raised

If we reach a total of $100,000 donated on match day, you'll unlock another video presentation featuring members of The Thiel Players! (Nobody was harmed in the making of this video. Donate to see what we mean!)

affinity challenges graphic

Greek Life

331 Total

We know our Greeks love to compete against each other. If 150 Greeks donate to this challenge, we will unlock an additional $20,000 gift! As an additional prize, the winning Greek organization will earn extra points for the upcoming Greek Week! Take on the madness and donate today.

Greek Organizations:

Delta Sigma Phi: 25
Kappa Sigma: 7
Phi Theta Phi: 23
Sigma Phi Epsilon: 64
Alpha Xi Delta: 58
Chi Omega: 55
Sigma Kappa: 35
Zeta Tau Alpha: 62
Alpha Chi Rho: 5
Lambda Chi Alpha: 7
Alpha Gamma Delta: 17

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Chi-O Challenge

55 Total

Calling all Chi-O's! If 55 Chi Omega alumni or current students donate, a generous alumna has pledged to make a gift of an additional $550!

blank unlock graphic

Zeta Challenge

62 Total

Calling all Zeta's! A generous alumna has pledged to donate $100 for each Zeta Tau Alpha sister who gives on Match Day up to 30 donors!

blank unlock graphic

First-time Donor Challenge

63 Total

First-time donors have the opportunity to make big impact in 2021. Gifts from first-time donors will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to the first $2,500!

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"Welcome Back" Challenge

79 Total

For all donors who have given to the Thiel Fund in the past but did not participate in Match Day last year, this is the challenge for you! If 25 "welcome back" donors contribute on Match Day, a $5,000 gift will be unlocked!

blank unlock graphic

Gary Witosky '79 Endowed Scholarship Challenge

43 Total

For those who wish to support the Professor Gary Witosky '79 Endowed Scholarship, a very generous alum has pledged to match each donation dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000!

blank unlock graphic

Athletics Challenge

121 Total

Are you a Tomcat athlete? We know competition is important to you. If 25 athletes donate to this affinity challenge, a generous alum will give an additional $1,000!

blank unlock graphic

Miller's Money

93 Total

Has Professor David Miller '61, H'20 taught one of your classes? (Probably, he taught here for 57 years!) If 80 current and former business students donate to this challenge, a generous alum will donate an additional $1,000!

blank unlocked graphic

Professor Witosky Challenge

20 Total

Thiel College business alumni have their work cut out for them with another challenge! Professor Gary Witosky ’79 challenges that for every gift given by a former student, he will match it with an additional gift of $25.

blank unlock graphic

Thiel Players Alumni

44 Total

Professor Emeritus William Robinson, Ph.D., will match theater alumni gifts dollar-for-dollar up to the first $1,000 to support the Thiel Players.

blank unlock graphic

Thiel Choir Alumni

49 Total

Thiel College Choir alumni will have their donations matched dollar-for-dollar up to the first $1,000!

blank unlock graphic

Equestrian Challenge

20 Total

Thiel alumni who were involved in the equestrian program are encouraged to join the madness! (No, not from a horse.) If 20 equestrian alumni donate to this challenge it will unlock an additional $1,500!

blank unlock graphic

Golf Alumni Challenge

25 Total

If you were a Tomcat golfer, this is the challenge for you. If 25 golf alumni donate, coach Dan McMillen ’86 will give an additional $2,000! It's a hole in one! (Sorry, we had to.)

blank unlock graphic

Campus Community

100 Total

The Thiel College campus community is committed to helping out too. If 75 faculty and staff members donate to this challenge, your contributions will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

blank unlock graphic