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Thiel College awards degrees to members of the Class of 2022


Thiel College awards degrees to members of the Class of 2022

GREENVILLE, Pa.—Thiel College recently awarded diplomas to its graduates following its spring 2022 academic semester.

Below are graduates listed by hometowns and states.

Fifty-six students gradauted with Latin honors, highlighted by 23 students who graduated summa cum laude, which are the highest Latin honors dedicated for students who graduate with a grade point average above 3.8. Eleven students had a GPA between 3.6 and 3.79 to earn magna cum laude, and 22 students were awarded cum laude status with a grade point average of 3.4 to 3.59.

Ryan Stiles B.S. Anchorage, Ak. Magna Cum Laude
Malik Anthony Beckford B.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  
Andre O. Williams B.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  
Alrick Anthony Francis, Jr. B.A. Sunrise, Fla.  
Dylan Ralston B.A. Baltimore, Md.  
Darien Emmanuel Mosley B.A. Baltimore , Md.  
DaQuan D'angelo Simmons B.A. Capitol Heights, Md.  
Selom Kalin-Samlan B.A. Gaithersburg, Md.  
Isaiah Julius Hill B.A. Great Mills, Md.  
Ahmad T. Tejumola B.A. Waldorf, Md. Summa Cum Laude
Lauren Leigh Durboraw B.A. Thomasville, N.C. Cum Laude
Jonathan Unterkoefler B.A. Palmyra, N.J.  
Morgan Joyce Costello B.S. Brockport, N.Y.  
Kaylee Virginia Guy B.A. Buffalo, N.Y.  
Isaiah A. Burgos B.A. Buffalo , N.Y.  
James R. Gilbert, Jr. B.S./B.A. Pearl River, N.Y. Magna Cum Laude
Dionna Marie D'Orsi B.A. Las Vegas, Nevada  
Trey Michael Williams B.A. Ashland, Ohio  
Frank D. Fugman B.S. Aurora, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
John Patrick Retton B.A. Aurora, Ohio  
Alyssa J. Jordon B.A. Austintown, Ohio  
Emma Parsons B.S. Brimfield, Ohio  
Kayla Annamarie Mulvey B.A. Cleveland, Ohio  
Roman Michael Booth B.A. Columbiana, Ohio  
Emily Harriman B.A. Geneva, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Emily Sears B.A. Jefferson, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Bradley Novak B.A. LaGrange, Ohio  
Ethan Matthew Stishan B.A. Leavittsburg, Ohio Magna Cum Laude
Alexander Carl Lutz B.S. Loveland, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Daniel J. Lutz B.A. Loveland, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Evan J. Patriski B.A. Middleburg Heights, Ohio  
Richard Robert Crooks B.A. Milan, Ohio Cum Laude
Devin James Weisbarth B.A. Norton, Ohio Cum Laude
Abigaile R. Triskett B.A. Orwell, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Jamir Anthony Thomas Mitchell B.A./A.S. Painesville, Ohio  
Madeline Belle DePalma B.A. Ravenna, Ohio Cum Laude
Hailley Kendall A.A. Saint Paris, Ohio  
Megan Elizabeth Brewer B.A. Salem, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Dahlia Sue Jacks B.A. Springfield, Ohio Magna Cum Laude
Katherine R. Sollers B.A. Suffield, Ohio Magna Cum Laude
Anne Elizabeth Pirkle B.A. Sylvania, Ohio  
Rachel Belle Breckenridge B.A. Troy, Ohio Summa Cum Laude
Charity Bre'Jae Hall B.A. Warren, Ohio  
Shylee Raelynn Turner B.A. Warren, Ohio  
Josephine Anne Oscar B.S. Windsor, Ohio  
Kevin C. Hawn B.A. Youngstown, Ohio  
Emily Kaitlyn Marcavish B.A. Youngstown, Ohio  
Amber R. Orr B.A. Youngstown, Ohio Cum Laude
Jacob James Zylka B.A. Youngstown, Ohio  
Cassandra Grace Buechel B.S. Allison Park, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Clarence W. Kizer, Jr. B.A. Bangor, Pa.  
Kayle M. Martin B.A. Blairsville, Pa.  
Austin T. Dillon B.A. Chippewa, Pa. Cum Laude
Hollie Ann Barna B.A. Clairton, Pa. Cum Laude
Emily Nicole Baker B.A. Cochranton, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Colton Michael Greenlee B.A. Cochranton, Pa.  
Jesse Lee Boyd Richards B.A. Conneaut Lake, Pa.  
Anna Elizabeth Gordon B.S. Cranberry Township, Pa. Cum Laude
Katrina Mae Adams Deckinger B.S. Donegal, Pa. Cum Laude
Jonathan Camden Russell B.S. Dubois, Pa. Cum Laude
John Michael Ganiear, Jr. B.A. East Mckeesport, Pa.  
Ashtin Dawn Kirkwood B.A. Elderton, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Peyton Carlyle Ennis B.A. Erie, Pa.  
Charles Frank Lichtenwalter BA Erie, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Britney S. Boring B.S. Evans City, Pa. Cum Laude
Shay McKenzie Tresler B.A. Fairview, Pa. Cum Laude
Zachary Thomas Lyons B.S. Franklin, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Justin Tyler Olah B.S. Frenchville, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Joshua Vance Christner B.A. Greenville, Pa. Cum Laude
Tiffany Amber Davison B.A. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Jayda Alexandria DiGregorio B.A. Greenville, Pa.  
Emily Grace Kalchthaler B.S. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Carlene Elizabeth Little A.A. Greenville, Pa.  
Taylor C. Lutz B.A. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Ava Mae Park B.A. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Adonis P. Scriven B.A. Greenville, Pa.  
Falan Leigh Vancura B.S. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Samantha R. Walker B.A. Greenville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Taylor Alexis Warner B.A. Greenville, Pa.  
Jamin Avary Wentling B.S. Greenville, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Nicholas J. Lanshcak B.A. Grove City, Pa.  
Kathryn Nicole McKeever B.A. Harrison City, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Madison Taylor Acor B.A. Houston, Pa.  
Hannah Aleesha Ushock B.A. Indiana, Pa. Cum Laude
Khalil Messai B.A. Jamestown, Pa.  
Mandy Lee May B.A. Jamestown , Pa.  
Jaden Agnew B.A. Meadville, Pa.  
Bailee Elizabeth Gregor B.A. Meadville, Pa.  
Adam Russell Walker BA Mercer, Pa.  
Austin Gregory Hall B.A. Mercer , Pa.  
Brianne Marie Gallo B.A. Milford, Pa.  
Mason Anthony Emigh B.S. Morrisdale, Pa.  
Colleen Mackenzie Trainer B.A. Mount Pleasant, Pa.  
Mercyne Irene Demma B.A. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Cum Laude
Melaina Marie Kirschner B.S. New Brighton, Pa.  
Victoria B. Young B.S./B.A. New Castle, Pa. Cum Laude
Ashton S. Camerot B.A. New Castle , Pa.  
Logan James Long B.A. North Bend, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Sydnee Marie Pilarski B.A. O'Hara Township, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Maddison J. Neely B.A. Oil City, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Logan Dean Pistorius B.A. Parker, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Cameron R. Griffin B.S. Penn Hills, Pa.  
Anna Natasha Chapman B.S. Peters Township, Pa.  
Muataz S. Alqass Ishaq B.S./B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Brianna Bialota B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Adam Button B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Cum Laude
Samuel Jacob Lambert B.S. Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Alexeis Danielle Palonis B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Kaylia Marie Pham B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Cum Laude
Anthony Joseph Rago B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Jakob Singler B.S. Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Molly Elizabeth Shepler B.A. Punxsutawney, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Jacob L. Orczeck B.A./A.S. Roaring Spring, Pa.  
Payton Emily Brooks B.A. Saegertown, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Brittany Marie Moon B.A. Sandy Lake, Pa.  
Courtney P. Grubbs B.A. Sarver, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Madaline H. Wightman B.A. Shaler, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Zachary Tomas Hunchuk B.S. Sharon, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Adrieanna Jean Kimble B.A. Sharon, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Lucas James Sadowski B.A. Sharon, Pa.  
Abigail Rose Cico B.A. Sharpsville, Pa.  
Alexis Nicole Jewell B.A. Sharpsville, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Maxwell Anthony Joseph Siguenza B.A. Sharpsville, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Kara Ruth Baumgardner B.S./B.A. Summerhill, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Leah A. Endres B.A. Titusville, Pa.  
Dylan Michael Proper B.A. Titusville, Pa.  
Courtney Paige Gassner B.A. Transfer, Pa. Magna Cum Laude
Daniel R. Myers B.A. Uniontown, Pa.  
Derek Steven Knapp B.A. Warren, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Katherine Miller B.S. West Middlesex, Pa. Summa Cum Laude
Austin Bonacci B.A. West Mifflin, Pa.  
Justin Starks B.A. West Mifflin, Pa.  
Allyson Nicole Campbell B.A. West Sunbury, Pa. Cum Laude
Megan C. Hepler B.A. West Sunbury, Pa.  
Dylan T. Waskiewicz B.S. York, Pa.  
Marlon David Brown B.A. Dallas, Texas  
Yuan Wen Sa B.A. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

NOTE: All listed degree recipients are unofficial until his/her academic and financial requirements have been met and certified by the Registrar and Financial Services office. Students in the Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership and Master of Business Administration participated in the 148th Commencement Exercises, but still have academic requirements to meet. A list of graduate students will be released when those programs end in May.

About Thiel College

Thiel College is an independent college founded in the Lutheran tradition. Located in Greenville, Pa., the College offers 60 majors and minors, 24 varsity sports, and an 11:1 student-faculty ratio. The College is also home to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and graduate programs in, Business Administration, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Communication and Leadership, Physician Assistant and Speech-Language Pathology. All of Thiel College’s master’s degree programs offer innovative and accelerated five-year paths which allow students to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years. A dedicated faculty paired with dynamic research and internship opportunities produce outstanding graduate school and job placements. Coeducational from its beginnings, the College remains committed to diversity and inclusion. The College combines tradition with innovation as it honors its past and celebrates its future.

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