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Tuition & Fees

2021-22 academic year costs are broken out below. Additional fees for international students apply, and are also detailed below.

Basic Costs   Semester Year
Full-time Tuition 12-18 credits 16,320 32,640
Part-time Tuition 1-11 credits 1,050 per credit   1,050 per credit
  Thiel High School Scholar       199 per credit     199 per credit
Housing Standard Double Room 3,492 6,984
Meal Plan   3,492 6,984
*Student Services Fee Full-time 315 630
  Part-time 40 per credit 40 per credit
*Health and Wellness Full-time 125 250
*Technology Fee Full-time and Half-time 475 950
  1-5 credits 30 per credit 30 per credit
Auto Permit Fee unless waived 75 150
**Dorm Damage one-time deposit 100 100
**First-Year Experience one-time fee 300 300
Other Fees      
Laboratory Fees      50-75 per lab    
Mentoring Fee      100 per class    
Private Music 100 per credit    
  250, no credit    
Education Department Fees 100 per class    
Student Teaching Fee 300 per term    
Graduation Fee 50    

* Fees or deposits required of all students.
** Fees or deposits required of all new students.

International Students

Additional fees apply for international students.

  • International Student Services Fee - 1,000 per year
  • International Student Medical Insurance - 1,250 per year

Please note that costs may and can change in the future. Costs listed do not include various miscellaneous costs such as airfare, ground transportation to and from airport, etc. incurred prior to the student's arrival at Thiel College.

International Students who attend Thiel are eligible to receive financial aid. Financial aid is only offered to outstanding applicants who have shown all around growth and development, especially in the field of academics. Thiel College offers limited financial aid packets to its' international students. Financial aid packets received are typically a percentage discount of tuition costs.

Cost of Books

The cost of books is not included. This is a separate cost to the family. For purposes of your family financial planning, we estimate that books and supplies may cost from $700 to $1,000 each year, depending on your major.

Explanation of Terms and Fees

Auto Permit Fee: $75 per semester for all students. This fee is automatically charged to every student. If student does not have a car on campus, a waiver needs to be signed for each semester with the Public Safety office. This needs to be done by the second week of classes or you will be obligated to pay the fee.

Board Charge (Meal Plan): $3,492 per semester ($6,984/year) for all resident students. More details can be obtained through AVI, the College's dining services operator. Commuters may purchase a meal plan in the Financial Services office.

Security (Dorm) Deposit: A $100 one-time charge. This deposit will remain untouched until the student graduates or withdraws from Thiel College.

Freshman Experience Fee: $300 one-time charge to cover all expenses related to the Freshman Experience.

Full-Time Tuition: $16,320 per semester for student taking 12-18 credits.

Over 18 Credits: Additional $930 per credit hour.

Part-Time Tuition: Charges are based on the number of credits taken -

  • 1-11 credits = $1,050 per credit

Thiel H.S. Scholar: $199 per credit hour

Housing: Standard housing (double room) charge of $3,492 per semester. Charge subject to change depending on individual housing arrangements.

Laboratory Fee: $50-$75 per class

Health and Wellness: $125 per semester mandatory for all full-time students.

Private Music Fee: $100 per credit ($250 no credit)

Reservation Deposit: Credit for the $150 deposit paid by freshmen and transfer students to reserve a place in class.

Student Services Fee: $315 per semester for all full-time students, $40 per credit for part-time students – covers programs, activities and services related to student learning outside of the classroom.

Technology Fee: $475 per semester for all students registered for 6 or more credits, and $30 per credit for students registered for 1-5 credits – This fee covers the cost of delivering technology in the classroom and throughout campus, which includes providing notebook computers to every student, supporting the wireless network across campus, access to laser printing stations and the support of Thiel’s technology support center. Also provides resident students with expanded basic cable television.

Cengage Unlimited Fee: Some faculty members have elected to get their course materials from Cengage Unlimited. The fee provides access to those materials for that particular class. If you are registered for a Cengage class, your instructor will provide you with information to access the platform.

2022-2023 academic year costs

Tuition & Fees for Academic Year 2022-2023

Basic Costs   Year
Full-time Tuition 12-18 credits 33,620
Housing Standard Double Room 7,200
Board   7,230
Mandatory Fees   1,900