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International Students

International Students

Students from around the world are invited to make Thiel College their choice of educational institution for the pursuit of a world class baccalaureate degree in the United States of America. Thiel College is a private, four year, co-educational college that specializes in challenging you to build and achieve your dreams.

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Important Documents

Admission is based upon evaluation of the required documents submitted. The applicant must meet all admission criteria required of Thiel international students. Once all the documentation required has been received, the applicant’s file will be processed and a notice will be sent updating the applicant. If the applicant has been accepted for admission, it is crucial that applicant send a registration deposit (150 USD) to reserve a place in the incoming class, and start the registration and enrollment process.

Thiel College is authorized by the United States Government to issue a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimigrant [F-1] Student Status) to an accepted student. The Form I-20 will be issued upon receipt of the registration deposit. The Form I-20 must be used to secure an F-1 visa to enable the applicant to legally enter and study in the United States. 

The Academic Year at Thiel College consists of two semesters: fall and spring, and entrance is accepted to both terms. Thiel College adopts a rolling admissions policy and there is no set application deadline. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete all admissions documents and be accepted to Thiel a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you wish to enroll.