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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Thiel College is a creative and energetic place, rooted in academic excellence, innovation, tradition and inclusion. Our commitment to student success means that we take your education and career success seriously and offer you a supportive, challenging and rewarding learning environment to discover the path you are meant to take!

Explore 60+ majors & minors, as well as our other academic offerings:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Business & Accounting



Health Sciences


Social Sciences


Mathematics & Computer Science

Undecided majors have the option to follow an exploratory track through sophomore year. By the end of sophomore year, these students must pick a major.


Business & Accounting

Fine & Performing Arts


Mathematics & Sciences

Social Sciences

*Individualized minors are also available, with permission from a faculty mentor and the Dean of the College. For more information on this option and complete minor requirements, please refer to the Academic Catalog (2021-2022).

Associate’s Degree Programs

Thiel College in High School

  • Pre Calculus - Commodore Perry Junior Senior High School
  • Environmental Science - Greenville Senior High School
  • Accounting I - West Middlesex Junior Senior High School
  • Accounting II - West Middlesex Junior Senior High School

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